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Molly Rose Canadian YouTuber

Molly Rose

Molly is a super cute Canadian

YouTuber Molly Rose @itsmollyyyrose_xx

About Molly Rose

Molly runs a popular YouTube channel that got big featuring her superhuman curves and charming personality.

Molly Rose is a Canadian YouTuber and social media personality. She was born in Canada, and she currently resides in British Columbia.

Molly Rose creates a variety of videos on her YouTube channel, including fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and dance content. Her videos typically focus on fashion and beauty tutorials, clothing hauls, cooking demonstrations, and vlogs. She also occasionally shares videos about her personal life, including her cooking experiences.

Molly Rose has gained a significant following on YouTube, with over 100,000 subscribers and counting. She is known for her friendly and relatable personality, and her ability to connect with her audience through her videos. She also has a strong presence on Instagram, where she shares photos of her daily life and fashion and beauty content with her over 100,000 followers.

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